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A Message from our Team

In the age of data abundance, we at OSINT Industries acknowledge that the powerful tools we've developed for email and phone number checks have immense potential to create safer communities, encourage investigative journalism, aid law enforcement, and shed light on otherwise obscured truths. Yet, we're fully aware of the inherent risks and challenges that could arise when such capabilities are misused.

Our commitment is to foster open dialogue about these issues, while engaging all stakeholders—our clients, the general public, regulators, and industry partners—in a collective responsibility towards ethical and legal practices.

Understanding OSINT

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) leverages publicly accessible information to address complex problems. It could involve examining patterns in various data sources like social media posts, book reviews, company press releases, and news articles to derive valuable insights about a given challenge.

The Nature of Our Data

OSINT Industries is committed to ethical and legal data use. Our tools are designed for analysing public data, with the final interpretation and usage of the data left up to the discretion of human experts. We are firmly against the use of our tools for malicious surveillance or uncovering private data not publicly accessible.

The data we utilize for our OSINT platforms are sourced lawfully from publicly accessible websites and sources on the internet. We do not override any encryption or privacy settings set by users of these online services. Our tools, by design, cannot access private communications.

Our Products

Our tools allow users to search and gather OSINT data from social media, online forums, product reviews, and other public spaces. They cannot and do not access private data or communications.

We also source information from select areas of the dark web, Tor, and known hacker discussion and leak sites, providing our customers a safer alternative to entering these potentially dangerous sites on their own.

Who Can Use Our Tools

Our services are available to vetted law enforcement agencies, public servants, and corporate organizations committed to safeguarding their communities. Every customer request is vetted carefully, taking into account the legal and human rights implications of their intended use. Requests that seem fraudulent or harmful are outrightly denied or discontinued.

OSINT For Good

We are dedicated to using our OSINT tools for the greater good. This includes offering our support to organizations combatting global human trafficking and public health crises.

No Predictive Policing or AI

We firmly believe that decision-making in these critical areas should be a human responsibility, not delegated to machines. You will not find any AI or machine learning technology in our products, as our tools are designed to facilitate data gathering and presentation to aid decision-making within legal, ethical, and moral frameworks.

Data Privacy

At OSINT Industries, we prioritize data privacy. All data collected by our tools are presented to the user through a private dashboard or API connection, then discarded. Results are always traced back to the original source to ensure accuracy. For more details, you can access our privacy policy here.

In conclusion, while we appreciate the value that our tools bring, we are conscious of the need to maintain the highest standards of trust and safety. After all, our aim is not just to be profitable, but to do so in a way that respects and preserves individual privacy, public safety, and societal harmony.

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